Largo Commercial Stucco

It is important to note that Largo Stucco and Stonework do not only specialize in residential work. Our commercial stucco services are perfect for any building type, whether it’s a small office or large warehouse. Our team is highly skilled in working with various materials, ranging from brick to metal siding.
As Largo’s expert stucco contractors, we can provide the perfect finish for any exterior project. Commercial projects include commercial buildings, schools, universities, or hotels.

Commercial Stucco Benefits

  • Provides thermal insulation for buildings
  • Creates a waterproof barrier on the building exterior
  • Helps keep moisture away from the sides of walls and foundations, which can increase their lifespan significantly.

commercial stucco installation process

Commercial Stucco is installed in two layers: an undercoat layer followed by one or more stucco layers.
The undercoat layer first goes on as a type of primer for the plaster. It seals any cracks in the building’s exterior surface. A heavier coating is then applied over the top; this coat is usually called “stucco.” The sculpture process can take up to three weeks but varies depending on the building’s size and shape.

What is commercial stucco?​

Commercial stucco, also known as "stuccolite", includes a variety of products that provide exterior protection and an attractive finish for buildings. It can be used to cover the wood or brick wall on post-war office buildings; it's also been applied to historic restoration projects in recent years.
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What is the difference between commercial and residential stucco?​​

Commercial stucco is designed to endure a much greater amount of traffic than residential properties, so it's typically applied thicker and stronger, with more protective pigments that will help prevent fading for longer periods of time. We also have specialized products like air release spacers to help reduce the amount of air bubbles that accumulate.​
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What are some good products for commercial stucco?

We offer many types of commercial stucco, but our clear water base coat is a great product for exterior surfaces like stone and brick because it’s created with portland cement rather than lime or other types of cement that will break down faster. This makes it easier to maintain the integrity of those surfaces for a longer period of time, which is why we recommend using our clear water base coat on exterior stone and brick buildings.

Repairing commercial stucco can be a very complicated process, but some of the most important steps involve using a jackhammer to remove loose or deteriorated cement and then replacing it with new. If there are any cracks in the stucco that need repairing you should also use metal lath as well.
The advantages to repairing commercial stucco is that it can extend the life of exterior stone and brick buildings. It also provides a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, which makes them worth maintaining. We recommend using clear water base coats on exterior surfaces like these because it is one of the most durable and attractive coatings available.

Interested in our service?

Our stucco installation services have helped many homeowners and business owners maintain the integrity of their homes or businesses. Homeowners, business owners, and property managers can enjoy the professional service we provide in stucco repair, retouching, or restoration. Our hard-working stucco installation experts are dedicated to their craft and work relentlessly to make your dream of new home stucco installation come true. Diligent planning, expert opinions, honest communication, quality materials and high-quality craftsmanship are keys to our business success. We guarantee the swift and solid construction of any project. We work with our clients to develop a better home or business that not only adds beauty to the community but boosts the value of property and quality of life.