Residential Stucco Services

Largo Stucco & Stonework is a full service stucco company that specializes in custom residential stucco and stone installation. Our company has been providing quality work for over twenty five years. We are fully licensed and insured for all phases of our work, including residential stucco installation services. We are equipped to handle any size job from small residential projects to large commercial construction jobs.

New Home Stucco Installation

Stucco is a popular exterior finish that is used on both residential and commercial buildings. It’s an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to other heavy duty materials and can be applied over just about any type of building structure. Stucco installation services are offered by many contractors across the country, but here at Largo Stucco and Stonework, we specialize in stucco installation for new homes. We offer both residential and commercial stucco installation services, depending on the type of building you need restoration or new construction. We work with homeowners looking for a fresh coat of exterior paint as well as contractors who are in charge of restoration projects that require environmentally-friendly materials like this one.

If you are building a new home and want it to be constructed with stucco, we are the company for your needs. The process starts by drawing up plans for the job. Our technicians will then provide an estimate based on those specifications. We'll only start construction after getting final approval from our clients. We are committed to providing quality workmanship and professional service and don't stop until we achieve it!

Stucco Restoration ​

Let us help you with your stucco installation to either update your home or commercial property. If your property is starting to get shabbier, a new stucco job from the pros could make it look renewed. We are proud to celebrate the success we have helping homeowners increase their property value by providing them with high-quality exterior finishes. We take care of all the hard work for you, and carefully select a top-notch contractor to do precise work in your home or business district. You don't have to worry about anything; we will be there every step of the way with guidance and support.

Interior & Exterior Plastering

With our premium products and services, we offer interior/exterior plastering services for residential and commercial properties in the entire Pinellas County area . Quality plastering work ensures your property will remain beautiful on the outside, as well as the inside. This is a crucial part of many properties looking long-term because strength matters in harsh environmental conditions. We have consistent finishes with top-quality products from walls to entire buildings and everything in between at all price ranges. Have our company come discuss your specific needs and we will be happy to provide a quote.

Stucco design and texture

Stucco design and texture variations are endless. We offer a wide range of stucco finishes, from natural stone to modern architectural textures and patterns that can be made in your choice of color palette or one of our many standard colors you will find on the market today.

Drywall installation

We offer a full-line of drywall installation services for both residential and commercial projects. Whether you need just a few pieces or an entire building, we’ve got you covered with our vast knowledge and wide inventory.

Plastering services

If you’re looking for a contractor who can do more than just plastering, Largo Stucco and Stonework offers all of the above services. We can take on your entire project from start to finish so that we understand what the needs are and how we’ll meet them.

Patchwork services

Stucco is a type of coating or cladding that can be made from Portland cement, lime putty (a mixture of Portland cement and sand), water, hair slurry (made by mixing finely ground horsehair with the stucco’s ingredients) or other additives. Stucco provides protection for buildings against weathering, and is used to cover walls and ceilings as well.

The stucco patch service ensures that any cracks, holes or other damage on the outside of a building can be repaired quickly and efficiently so water doesn’t seep into your home or business. A skilled professional will identify where the damaged area is located, remove old cement mortar from the interior and exterior of the stucco, clean out any debris from old repairs.

We offer patchwork services for all different types of homes. Whether you need our help with a small job or something more extensive, we have the experience and skills to get it done right.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

A popcorn ceiling is a type of acoustic (or noise) insulation that was popular in the 1960s. It consists of polystyrene foam, coated with plaster or gypsum and then painted to resemble texture such as wood panels or bricks. When you're ready for this outdated look to be gone forever, Largo Stucco and Stonework can take care of it for you.


Lath is a material used in building construction to provide an even surface for plaster or stucco. It consists of thin, narrow strips of wood arranged side by side on laths boards placed over wall studs so that the spacing between them matches the width and height of each successive layer of plaster. Restore that old, outdated look to be gone forever with our premium and durable exterior finishes.

Interested in our service?

Our stucco installation services have helped many homeowners and business owners maintain the integrity of their homes or businesses. Homeowners, business owners, and property managers can enjoy the professional service we provide in stucco repair, retouching, or restoration. Our hard-working stucco installation experts are dedicated to their craft and work relentlessly to make your dream of new home stucco installation come true. Diligent planning, expert opinions, honest communication, quality materials and high-quality craftsmanship are keys to our business success. We guarantee the swift and solid construction of any project. We work with our clients to develop a better home or business that not only adds beauty to the community but boosts the value of property and quality of life.