Stonework stucco is a type of exterior plaster that was developed in the 16th century to protect walls and ceilings against water damage. It also has an appearance that many people find more pleasing than other types of exterior plaster or paint, such as cinder block, brick or paneling. Stonework stucco can be applied to any type of surface, either old or new.

Is stucco as strong as concrete?

It is stronger than plaster, but not as strong as concrete. It can be used on the exterior of your home to protect it from water damage and makes for a good finish if you are looking for something affordable and long-lasting. Stucco has been in use since ancient times; according to records, Roman builders were using stucco as far back as the second century BCE.

What makes stonework better suited to the Largo Florida weather?

Stonework is a good choice for the Pinellas County, Florida climate because it can withstand extreme heat and humidity. The stone used in stonework is durable enough to last generations without losing its natural appearance or integrity. In addition, this type of material doesn’t require painting or sealants on an annual basis like other types of exterior finishes do.

Does Stonework Construction Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Stonework construction can have a positive effect on the value of your home for many reasons. One is that with time, stone’s beauty only increases as it weathers and develops character. The natural colors will change after exposure to sun and rain, which makes each piece unique in its own way. Also, Largo, Florida area residents are always
looking for homes with the latest styles and trends, which is why stucco exterior finishes are in demand.

Is It Easy To Care For?

The maintenance required for this type of exterior finish is minimal – there’s no need to paint or seal it. Stucco also has a natural appearance or integrity, which can be an advantage if you’re looking to sell your home in the future. It doesn’t require painting or sealants on an annual basis like other types of exterior finishes, which doesn’t only save time and money, but also improves indoor air quality.

Is Stonework Construction Energy Efficient?

yes, and it’s not just because stucco is a great insulator.
Designing and constructing with stone takes more time, but the end result is worth it. Stone has always been used in construction for its durability, and stones like granite are extremely energy efficient — most people don’t know that marble floors can be heated electrically or by sunlight with a solar panel.

Stone Construction is also eco-friendly because it doesn’t use harmful chemicals that can contaminate the air or water, and stones like granite are 100% recyclable without loss of quality. Stucco offers many benefits over stone construction such as ease of installation compared to natural materials, but there’s no denying the beauty and durability of granite.

The type of stone you choose to use for your project depends on the look and feel that’s desired. Cement stucco is more affordable than natural materials, but doesn’t offer the same aesthetic appeal or longevity. Stucco can be used in many ways: a base coat, finishing layer, accent piece, or all three.

Why Largo Stucco and Stonework?

As Largo’s  top professional masonry contractors, we are experienced in assessing, repairing, or restoring stucco surfaces so that they look as good as new. Whether your home needs a complete restoration from top to bottom or you are just looking to refresh your stucco, we have the right team for the job.

Our talented crew specializes in beautifying exterior surfaces with durable coatings that protect from water intrusion while enhancing curb appeal of any home. Whether it be a complete restoration or simply an enhancement project, they can do it all.